Cialis is a considered to be an effective drug against impotency. Doctors prescribe cialis as they are safe and more effective than other Erectile Deficiency drugs available in the market.

Drug usage

Once Cialis pills are taken, it helps in the flow of more blood in the penis. When there is unhindered blood flow to the penis, then it stands erected and also the erection lasts for a longer time.

How taken

Unlike other impotency drugs, Cialis acts very fast. The drug may be used about thirty minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Once the drug is taken, you can have uninterrupted sex for the next 36 hours.

Missed dose/overdose

Cialis is never missed. When taking the drug, always follow what your doctor has advised you. Never go beyond the prescribed dosage. In case you feel to have taken an overdose of Cialis, consult your doctor at the earliest. Some overdose Cialis symptoms include chest pain, vomiting, nausea and irregular heart beat.

More Information

Cialis is an impotency drug that has to be used only as per the doctor's recommendation. When contacting the doctor, it is better to inform him about all your health related issues. Tell him if you have allergies to any specific drug, food or some particular substance.

The doctor may go for dose adjustment or may not prescribe Cialis if you have the following conditions: angina, heart diseases, liver or kidney problems, clotting problems, retinitis pigmentosa, blood pressure (high and low) and Peyronie's disease.


Never go for Ciais pills if you are having any medication that contains Nitrates. If the two are mixed, then it may cause a sudden fall in the pressure, which could lead to stroke and cardiac arrest. If you are using Cialis medicine, never consume alcohol and never take grape fruit or grape juice as they can increase the risk of side effects.

The drug may also lead to sudden vision loss. But it is not yet known if this impotency drug is the real cause of the sudden vision loss. Persons who have a history of eye problems, diabetes and hypertension have experienced vision problems after taking Cialis.

Side effects

While taking Cialis, you have to be cautious about the side effects that you may experience. . Some of the reactions that a person can come across while taking Cialis include hives, breathing problems, swelling of lips, mouth, face, throat and tongue.

Irregular heart beat, chest pain, sudden vision loss, ringing in ears, sudden hearing loss, nausea, feeling ill, sweating, pain spreading to shoulders/arms and seizures are some of the Cialis overdose symptoms. If you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms, stop the drug and contact the doctor at once.

If you feel any uneasiness while engaging in sexual activity after taking Cialis, then do not delay in consulting the doctor.

People using Cialis also may come across slight side effects that include headache, sore throat, Stuffy nose, warmth (chest/face/neck), stomach upset, diarrhoea, pain in the muscles and back.